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Using Seratel's Reporting Centre For Your Own Applications

Give your users the reports they want - simply and quickly

Provide comprehensive and easy-to-use reporting from your data

Reel aMounts Reporting Centre is simply one application of our Reporting Centre product.

Where this version is reporting on inventories of electronic components, Reporting Centre could be providing your users with tailored reports on data held in your organisation.

What it does

Provides comprehensive and easy-to-use reporting from your data.

Provides web-based access to staff, suppliers and customers anywhere.

Simple and flexible to use

Web based and no installation required for users. Works in any web browser.

Intuitive "point and click" interface.

Works on any device - PCs, tablets and phones. Ideal for remote working.

Works with multiple operating systems – Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android ...

Safe - non-destructive on data.

Simple, fast and flexible to implement and extend

Works with data held in any SQL database.

Can interface with multiple databases.

New reports are quickly added.

Custom requests can be simply catered for.

Simple to add your own branding.

Automatic field formatting and justification based on data type, with override when required.

Automatically formats data such as dates to suit the viewer’s regional preference.

Multiple sort fields and one click re-sorting based on any data column.

Reports divided into categories and groups within categories for easy selection.

Descriptions of each report can use your organisation's terms.

Automatically generates drill-down links between reports. Double-click on any highlighted cell in a report to drill down for more detail.

Can request criteria for reports including the ability to select any date or time range.

Creates desktop links for fast access to individual reports.

Mature and proven world-wide.

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