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Seratel - Reel aMounts - Count and Label Electronic Components

Savings and Benefits - Page 1


Inventory Accuracy – Supporting 6 Sigma

Eliminating errors in counting

Typical reduction in errors in use of equipment – 99.6%.

Eliminating errors in data recording

Elimination of data recording errors – currently 1% of all recording.

Eliminating errors in data entry

Elimination of data entry errors – currently 1% of all entries.

Correct labelling of components

Accurate labelling of all material.

Counting all material - Not just class A

Accurate inventory for all classes of material will eliminate unexpected shortages.

Counting material on the production line

Accurate inventory for material left on the production line.

Fast counting of material during line changeover or other stoppage.

Attrition assigned to correct build where material is kept on the line.

Supporting the move to Supermarkets/Mini-market

Accurate inventory for material stored in mini-markets and line-side supermarkets.


Reduction in Headcount

Typical reduction in headcount for counting – 80%.


Accurate recording of attrition

Actual, not estimated, knowledge of attrition for each build.

More accurate material usage forecasting.

More accurate job costing.

Timely knowledge of attrition

Supporting a reduction in attrition.

Reduction in misplaced material

Eliminating loss of material during counting

Loss of material in counting reduced by 100%.

On Time Delivery to Customers

Eliminate delays due to inaccurate inventory.

To your customer, this is really value added.

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Seratel – 21 Years – 1995 to 2016