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Seratel - Reel aMounts - Count and Label Electronic Components

How Fast Can Reel aMounts Count and Label Reels ?

Reel aMounts takes less than 1½ seconds to count a reel, but how fast is it in continuous use ?

From logs in customer databases, we know that –

  • Operators regularly count AND label one reel every 15 seconds over the period of one hour. That is 240 reels per hour, with all the information recorded in a database for further use, reels labelled with their new quantities and an ERP system updated. Some users see even faster cycle times of 13 seconds or less.

  • Where operators are counting reels without applying labels – not always necessary when the quantity can be looked up using a reel's unique ID – they can count over 400 reels per hour. We have seen throughputs as high as 625 reels in an hour at a single workstation – again with all the information recorded and exported to an ERP system.

  • This includes all the handling time - moving reels to and from racks or tote tubs.

  • This is typically at least 15 times faster than using traditional reel counters, with all their disadvantages of manual data recording and labelling.

User endorsements:

"Using Seratel's Reel aMounts, we are able to count and label an entire reel of parts in about 15 seconds as opposed to the 6 minutes it would take using an optical counter."

Qualcomm, San Diego, USA

Comparison of Reel aMounts and conventional counter  

User endorsements:

"A kit of material which used to take two people a shift to process is now done by one person in less than an hour."

TT electronics integrated manufacturing services, UK

For physical inventory counts, Reel aMounts' ability to count reels held in feeders provides substantial savings –

  • System logs show a single workstation counting 1400 reels, in their feeders, in 13 hours.

  • This is one reel every 33 seconds, with no component losses from stripping and re-loading feeders.

  • This includes all the handling time - including bringing tables of feeders to the counter or the counter to the lines.

  • Counting this way could give you several days more production time each year.

  • The counting record contains not only the details of each reel, but also what feeder the reel was in and what table the feeder was in.
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