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Seratel - Reel aMounts - Count and Label Electronic Components

Reel aMounts can Count Electronic Components Instantly
– less than 1½ seconds per reel –
then Label, Record, Report and Pass Data to your ERP System


User endorsements:

"Now we can establish our stock balances more accurately and rapidly. This enables us to control our WIP tightly and identify losses, reducing line stoppage due to components not being available."

Continental Automotive Components Malaysia

The ONLY system with PATENTED Reel Magic technology
ESSENTIAL for accurate weigh counting of tape and reel components.

Click for full size Reel aMounts image

All count data is automatically stored in a database by the PC


Not only SMT / SMD parts on any size of reel, from 01005 (metric 0402) chips on 4mm tape at 1mm pitch up to the largest IC, but also –

Reels in feeders
PTH / Axial parts
Tubes     Strips
Waffle packs / Matrix trays
Loose components
Sequenced components
Bare boards
Box-build parts ...

in fact, almost any part in any container

Recent news on Reel aMounts:

Reel aMounts Version 8.6 released and Reporting Centre updated

Reel aMounts Reporting Centre helps with plastic recycling under the EU Waste Framework Directive

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Seratel – 21 Years – 1995 to 2016