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Reel aMounts for TT electronics integrated manufacturing services

Removing the bottleneck.

TT electronics integrated manufacturing services, a leading, multi-national provider of electronic manufacturing services, has implemented Seratel's Reel aMounts component counting and labelling system at its plant in Rogerstone in the UK.

TT are benefiting from lower material handling costs, faster material flow and tighter control over inventory, allowing the company to serve its customers better.

Manufacturing in Rogerstone is typically low-volume / high-mix and kits of material are counted on their return from production. Reel aMounts is replacing traditional, electro-mechanical counting systems, streamlining materials handling in this area.

TT's Materials Manager, Laurence Farrant, says, "Historically the reel counting process was a major bottleneck within the material flow process. Through a semi-automatic reel counting machine, each reel could take up to four minutes to count. What Reel aMounts has done is to remove the bottleneck by weigh counting the reel, which takes seconds. A kit of material which used to take two people a shift to process is now done by one person in less than an hour."

He added, "The Reel aMounts system has proved a real genuine ROI, not just as a cost saving device, but as a major improvement tool for our material process. I would highly recommend Reel aMounts to anyone within the group."

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