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Reel aMounts installed in Sanshin Hungary

Speeding cycle counting and maximising production capacity.

Sanshin Electric Co. Ltd., a multi-national EMS provider headquartered in Japan, has implemented Seratel's Reel aMounts counting and labelling system for electronic components at its factory in Nagykoros, Hungary.

The Nagykoros plant has 16 SMT lines, engaged in high volume manufacture, including LCD televisions for Panasonic and satellite receivers for Samsung. Cycle counting is carried out on each line monthly. Using mechanical counters, this meant stopping each line for 48 hours. Not only was this expensive in man-hours, but with an increasing volume of work, the lines could no longer be spared for this time.

Reel aMounts provides high speed counting for tape and reel components, by linking a computer, electronic weighing scales, bar code scanner, bar code printer and a database of component types.

Reels of surface mount components are counted whilst still in their feeders. The operator simply scans one bar code on the feeder and one on the reel to carry out the counting. A final bar code scan prints a new label for the reel, including the new quantity, operator information etc.

Reel aMounts allows Sanshin to count and re-label each reel in 15 seconds or less, compared to around six minutes with the previous process. As reels no longer have to be removed from feeders for counting, material losses and feeder jams caused by stripping and reloading feeders are also eliminated.

Reel aMounts is also used to label each reel before first use. The label produced includes a bar code that not only identifies the part and supplier, but also includes a unique ID for the reel. Sanshin are extending their current IT systems to use this bar coded ID to give greater traceability of material throughout the plant.

All information collected is stored in a database. Reel aMounts Reporting Centre – an extensive, web-based reporting system – then provides both management statistics and detailed analysis of the data, including traceability down to the individual reel. Information can also be forwarded to Sanshin's ERP system, printed as reports or exported to Excel for further analysis.

M Jackson, Materials Department Manager in Sanshin, says, "We wanted to improve the speed at which we can determine the component stock to enable us to improve our machine utilization by reducing stoppage time both planned (inventory) and unplanned."

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