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Component Shortages? - Get the inventory control you need
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Component Shortages? - Get the control you need

Reel aMounts with Reporting Centre
Instant Counting and Inventory Control for Electronic Components

High speed reel counting provides huge benefits, but it's only one of more than twenty ways that Reel aMounts can help you to control inventory.

Step 1 - Place reel on scales Step 2 - Scan the Reel aMounts bar code Quantity and reel information displayed Step 3 - Scan a 'Print' bar code Step 4 - Attach the new label to the reel

Counts any size of reel in 1.2 seconds
Patented, artificial intelligence technology
Automatically records all information
Automatically calculates attrition
Automatically passes updates to ERP
Web-based reporting with 200+ reports
Re-labels......and much more

Saving your time. Giving you control

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We Can Help You Keep Control During Covid 19

Working remotely?

You can access Reel aMounts data from anywhere using Reporting Centre. It works on your laptop, your tablet and your phone.

Keep up to date on production, inventories, attrition....

If you are a current user and need help with this, just contact us.

Remote demonstration

We can demonstrate Reel aMounts to you using the Internet. You can request a demonstration below.

Remote installation

We can install Reel aMounts remotely. We have been doing this since 2011.

Remote support

We support all of our Reel aMounts installations remotely. Why wait for an engineer to come on-site when we can connect to your system in seconds?

Remote upgrades

We always install updates to Reel aMounts remotely. There is no need to take up the time of your staff.

Inventory Control

Reel counting

Instant (1.2 seconds) counting of reels of any size. Far faster than any other system.

Uses unique, patented, artificial intelligence (AI) pattern-matching technology.

Counts SMT / SMD parts from 01005 (metric 0402) chips on 4mm tape at 1mm pitch up to the largest IC.

Counts reels in feeders, including twin track feeders.

Counts PTH, tubes, strips, matrix trays, loose components, box build parts as well as SMT / SMD ... in fact almost any part in any container.

Does not have problems with RFID labels.

Reel usage / Reel losses

Calculates usage and attrition and automatically passes inventory corrections to an ERP system. Corrections can reference both the work order number and the individual reel ID.

Attrition calculations can take into account both fixed and percentage allowances already built into BOMs and then generate write-off or write-on messages accordingly.

Handles family builds/combined kits, multiple reels of the same material, double-ganging, moving material between builds...

Reel inventory

Maintains a complete inventory of all reel stock, showing both overall stock for any part and broken down by reel, supplier etc.

Much More Than Just A Number

What Other Solutions Tell You

Number of components on the reel

What Reel aMounts Tells You

Number of components on the reel

Previous quantity

Quantity used

Expected usage


Attrition rate

Attrition cost

Attrition built into BOM

Write-on or write-off required


Your part code

Manufacturer part code

Original quantity

Percentage remaining

Value remaining

Date received

Approaching use-by date warning

Past use-by date alert

Reel aMounts unique reel ID

Your reel ID/serial/licence plate

Additional user defined information such as batch number or date code

Complete history of usage for the reel

RoHS status

Moisture sensitivity and bagging instructions

Build/kit/work order used in

Placement equipment used

Feeder used

Operator performing count

Where counted

When counted

Name of count

Type of count - received, issued, returned, cycle count ...

How it was labelled

Any special instructions for this part and/or supplier

... and more

Incoming Material Processing

Reel labelling

Customer defined size and layout.

Over twenty fields can be included in human readable form, bar code (1D and 2D) or both.

Automatically translates supplier part codes into your part codes.

Reads and interprets 2D bar codes in ECIA format to extract part code, date code and more.

Reel traceability

Generates a unique traceability ID for the reel.

Reel integration

Passes details of all material received to your ERP system, warehouse management system and/or automated storage system.

Reel storage

Provides details of where the material should be stored.


Reel kitting

Kits work orders, using a choice of methods - FIFO or best fit for remaining reel quantity.

Automatically takes attrition allowances into account.

Kits both single work orders and combined kits/family builds.

Reel picking

Notes and validates reels picked for a kit.

Reel reservation

Instructs an ERP system to reserve the extra material on any reel picked for a kit, giving the quantity to be reserved, so no attempt is made to allocate it elsewhere.


Reel release

Informs an ERP system that material previously reserved is now free for allocation to work orders.

Reel bagging

Warns operators whenever a returned reel requires sealing in a moisture proof bag and/or baking.

Reel valuation

Shows the value of material remaining on each reel, allowing low-value reel ends of plentiful material to be scrapped rather than put through the full returns process.

Reel returns

Labels reels with return locations to ensure that they are correctly and swiftly returned to stores.

Reel storage

Communicates with carousel and other automated storage systems, providing full details of material returned.

Reel aMounts reel IDs can be used as the basis for storage system databases.

Reel aMounts Reporting Centre will even help in generating shelf loading plans, providing weight and diameter information for reels.


Reel serialisation

Generates a compact, but globally unique ID for every reel.

Can be cross referenced to any existing reel ID, serial number or licence plate. All traceability is then possible from either version.

Reel traceability

Maintains a complete history by unique reel ID, showing where used, when, what for, who by etc.

Reel identification

Reads and interprets 2D bar codes in both ECIA and ISO15434 formats.

Provides flexible and automatic translation to internally used data and bar codes.

Reel translation

Translates supplier part codes into your part codes.

Reel trapping

Allows reels to be trapped based on any combination of part code, supplier and original quantity. Ideal for quarantining faulty or suspect material.

Reel splitting

Controls the splitting process, ensuring that both donor and receiving reels are correctly labelled with both part code and traceability information.

Material management

Reel labelling

Customer defined size and layout.

Over twenty fields can be included in human readable form, bar code (1D and 2D) or both.

Can have multiple label formats to suit point of application.

Reel obsolescence control

Monitors the age of each reel.

Warns when a reel is approaching or has passed its use by date.

Reel RoHS control

Identifies compliant and non-compliant material and demonstrates that the correct material was used in any build.


Reel knowledge

Reel aMounts Reporting Centre reports on all data captured by Reel aMounts - counts, kits, WIP, component usage, inventory, attrition...

200 predefined reports ranging from top level analysis to individual reel traceability. All can be viewed on screen, printed, saved and exported to other formats such as Excel.

Simply double click on a cell in a report to drill-down to related detail reports.

Reel foresight

Analysis of attrition by part code and work order allows you to refine purchasing decisions - ensuring sufficient inventory but not overstocking.

Reel source

Can track country of origin of all material and report on geographic breakdown by value for any work order.

Reel status

Provides the status of any reel in the plant - part code, quantity, manufacturer, where last used, in our out of kit...

Reel recycling

Monitors and reports on recyclable reels received and exhausted to aid with regulatory compliance.

Reel coverage

Reel aMounts Reporting Centre is available to any PC, tablet or smart phone in your organisation, world-wide.

Flexibility and Expertise

Reel choice

Pick and choose what elements you want to implement when. Multiple integration options mean you can fit in seamlessly with existing processes and IT systems.

Reel mix

Works with any combination of placement equipment. Mixed makes and types, or older equipment, are not a problem.

Reel portability

Portable. Easily moved to where it is required. Ideal for line and cycle counting as well as full physical inventory and returns.

Reel maturity

Constantly enhanced and now in its thirty-fourth version. Proven world-wide from China to Brazil.

Reel longevity

Systems installed thirteen years ago are still using original hardware, which has required only a low-cost, annual calibration.

Reel expertise

From a company that specialises only in electronics manufacturing and has 23 years' experience in that field.

Reely exists

Processing millions of reels each year. Available now. Not "vapourware" - to be written once a sale has been made, leaving you as the test site.

But What About ...

We have multiple part numbers for the same part?

You can have any amount of part numbers for the same part. Reel aMounts can even translate between them automatically.

We buy the same part from multiple suppliers?

Reel aMounts can handle it.

We buy a part from a supplier on more than one size of reel?

Reel aMounts can handle it.

We get the same part on reels and in sticks?

Reel aMounts can handle it.

We use our own unique reel serial numbers?

Reel aMounts can also use them, and give you reel histories by serial number.

We or our supplier re-tape some parts?

Reel aMounts can handle it.

We don't have full reels of some parts?

Reel aMounts can handle it.

What about the leader and trailer tape on the reel?

Patented Reel MagicTM technology in Reel aMounts allows for this automatically.

We add an extra label each time a reel is used?

Reel aMounts allows for this automatically.

What if there is a small variation in the weight of full reels?

Reel aMounts allows for this automatically.

We split reels and don't always use the same spare reels?

Reel aMounts can lead you through the process, label the new reel correctly and allow for any difference in weight automatically.

We want to count reels in feeders, but we use twin track feeders?

Reel aMounts can count reels in feeders, even where two reels share a feeder.

We use 2D bar codes?

Reel aMounts will print them for you and can also read them with our standard scanner.

We need to count components at many locations in our factory?

Reel aMounts can be implemented as a fully portable system on a trolley.

Benefits And Savings

Inventory Accuracy – Supporting 6 Sigma

Eliminating errors in counting

Typical reduction in errors in use of equipment – 99.6%.

Eliminating errors in data recording

Elimination of data recording errors – currently 1% of all recording.

Eliminating errors in data entry

Elimination of data entry errors – currently 1% of all entries.

Correct labelling of components

Accurate labelling of all material.

Counting all material - Not just class A

Accurate inventory for all classes of material will eliminate unexpected shortages.

Counting material on the production line

Accurate inventory for material left on the production line.

Fast counting of material during line changeover or other stoppage.

Attrition assigned to correct build where material is kept on the line.

Supporting the move to Supermarkets/Mini-market

Accurate inventory for material stored in mini-markets and line-side supermarkets.

Reduction in Headcount

Typical reduction in headcount for counting – 80%.


Accurate recording of attrition

Actual, not estimated, knowledge of attrition for each build.

More accurate material usage forecasting.

More accurate job costing.

Timely knowledge of attrition

Supporting a reduction in attrition.

Reduction in misplaced material

Eliminating loss of material during counting

Loss of material in counting reduced by 100%.

On Time Delivery to Customers

Eliminate delays due to inaccurate inventory.

To your customer, this is really value added.

Improved Material Flow – Supporting Lean Manufacturing

Reduction in material handling

Improving material flow

Typically improving material flow at counting by 88%.

Speeding pull signals to suppliers

Typical delay in pulling replacement material reduced by 88%.

Shortening delivery times and/or
Widening the circle of "local" suppliers

Typical time for delivery of replacement material reduced by 35%.

Typical area in which to choose local suppliers increased by 151%.

Reduction in Floor Space

Reduction in floor space for counting equipment

Typical saving in floor space for counting equipment – 80% or better.

Reduction in floor space for material waiting for counting

Typical saving in floor space for components awaiting counting – 80% or better.

Material Availability / Inventory Turns

Material availability improved by 800%.

Aid in increasing inventory turns.

Supporting and Documenting Compliance With RoHS / Lead Free

Labelling reels with lead free logo / text.

Recording RoHS / lead free status of issued material.

Reduction in Labelling Errors / Rework

Elimination of rework costs caused by labelling errors when splitting reels.

Ensuring Moisture Sensitive Devices are Correctly Stored

Identifying moisture sensitive devices returned from production and warning that they must be stored in bags.

Elimination of production delays while parts are baked.

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We can demonstrate the Reel aMounts system to you using the Internet.

You will see the actual system in use. This is not a simulation, recording or PowerPoint presentation. This means that we can discuss how you work in your plant and what you are trying to achieve and then explore whether our system can help you, demonstrating exactly how it might work.

You simply need the interested people in a conference room, with a speaker phone and a PC attached to the Internet. To see the demonstration on your PC, all you need is a web browser - Chrome, Firefox, Edge...

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