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Seratel - Reel aMounts - Count and Label Electronic Components

Savings and Benefits - Page 2


Improved Material Flow – Supporting Lean Manufacturing

Reduction in material handling

Improving material flow

Typically improving material flow at counting by 88%.

Speeding pull signals to suppliers

Typical delay in pulling replacement material reduced by 88%.

Shortening delivery times and/or
Widening the circle of "local" suppliers

Typical time for delivery of replacement material reduced by 35%.

Typical area in which to choose local suppliers increased by 151%.

Reduction in Floor Space

Reduction in floor space for counting equipment

Typical saving in floor space for counting equipment – 80% or better.

Reduction in floor space for material waiting for counting

Typical saving in floor space for components awaiting counting – 80% or better.


Material Availability / Inventory Turns

Material availability improved by 800%.

Aid in increasing inventory turns.

Supporting and Documenting Compliance With RoHS / Lead Free

Labeling reels with lead free logo / text.

Recording RoHS / lead free status of issued material.

Reduction in Labelling Errors / Rework

Elimination of rework costs caused by labelling errors when splitting reels.

Ensuring Moisture Sensitive Devices are Correctly Stored

Identifying moisture sensitive devices returned from production and warning that they must be stored in bags.

Elimination of production delays while parts are baked.

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Seratel – 21 Years – 1995 to 2016