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Seratel - Computer Systems for Electronics Manufacturing - Products Overview

Reel aMounts


Reel Trakker


Product Trakker


Count electronic components instantly – then label, record and report

The ONLY system with PATENTED Reel Magic technology – ESSENTIAL for accurate weigh counting of components on reels

Can count SMT parts on any size of reel, and also –

  • Reels in feeders
  • PTH / Axial parts
  • Tubes
  • Strips
  • Waffle packs / Matrix trays
  • Loose components
  • Sequenced components
  • Bare boards
  • Box-build parts ...

in fact, almost any part in any container


Control and traceability for surface mount stocks and products

Reel Trakker is a computer-based system providing complete control and traceability for surface mount components and the products built from them.

It is a robust, scalable, client server solution, designed to integrate with your existing ERP systems.

Reel Trakker is fast and simple to use. Bar code input ensures speed and accuracy.

Reel Trakker gives you increased confidence in your production process and your ability to satisfy customer demands for quality, traceability and timely delivery. It frees staff from "fire fighting" for more productive work


Automated control of product manufacture, testing and routing.

Automated capture of production and quality data.

Uses routing plans to ensure the correct sequence of operations for each product. Plans allow branching and repair loops. The next process is based on whether a product passes or fails testing and on whether rework is required.

Every operator action or automated action creates a transaction record within Product Trakker. Transactions build a complete history for each product serial number.

Products can be joined to form assemblies and systems, with combined routing and testing. Assemblies can be split and rebuilt as required.

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