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Reel aMounts Version 4.1 - Released May 2005

Adding audit trails and data roll back

A complete record of all changes to base data

Reel aMounts Version 4.1 implements a complete audit trail of all changes to the base data used to calculate quantities.

It tracks sixteen different events that affect the base data used in calculations. For each event the audit trail includes twenty items of information including date, time, workstation and operator/count ID as well as all the data changed.

Rolling back data

In conjunction with the audit trail, Reel aMounts now allows the user to restore base data even after it has been deleted.

This is particularly valuable if you start using parts again that you thought were obsolete and had removed from the database.

Splitting reels and allowing for variations in new reel weights

Reel aMounts uses special bar codes to allow for splitting reels and variations in new reel weights. These bar codes now include extra information to show just how the process was carried out.

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