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Reel aMounts Version 4 - Released February 2005

More flexibility.  More control.  Faster return on investment.

Training Reel aMounts with Partial Reels

Reel aMounts Version 4 has the ability to generate empty and full weights for a part code using only a partial reel of the material.

This can allow an installation to reach the point where they can count all material in the plant more quickly than before, especially in high mix / low volume situations.

An extended version of our patented Reel MagicTM technology is used to allow for the leader and trailer on the reel, and the difference between the lengths of leaders on full and partial reels.

Flexibility in working methods

Version 4 allows more methods of working to suit the needs of individual installations.

Specifically it is designed to speed the flow of material, and let different groups of people be assigned different tasks within Reel aMounts.

Displaying Notes for Parts

Version 4 can display stored notes whenever a part is used with Reel aMounts.

Count on Print

This option allows a record to be made automatically of all material for which labels are printed.

Checking For a Variation Chosen
Checking For Scales Not Zeroed
Rejecting Dubious Readings
Recording much more information with every count

These are among updates that allow an installation to enforce methods of working and ensure the continuing accuracy of all information generated.

And more ...

Other improvements allow faster working, eliminate keying to reduce the chance of operator errors etc.

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