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November 2017 - Reel aMounts Version 8.7 Released

Additional labelling capability

A small update to satisfy customer requirements

Reel aMounts can track individual reels both by the compact, globally-unique Reel ID assigned by the system and also by any ID, serial number or licence plate assigned by other IT systems. The latter is known as the "User ID" in Reel aMounts. Traceability reports can be produced by supplying either the Reel ID or User ID.

As the User ID is produced by another IT system, it was not previously included in the twenty plus fields that Reel aMounts can include on a reel label. In response to customer demand, the User ID can now also be included on labels. As with all other fields, it can be shown as a bar code (1D or 2D), in human readable form, or both.

To learn more about Reel aMounts – click on the link below.

Introducing Reel aMounts

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