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June 2015 - Reel aMounts Version 8.2 Released

Processing ISO 15434 2D bar codes for improved integration and traceability

Additional support for mixed placement equipment

Additional support for less common keyboard layouts

Automatic processing of complex bar codes

Where reels are labelled with a 2D bar code in ISO 15434 format, Reel aMounts can now read the part code, reel serial number and, optionally, other information (for example a date or lot code) for a new reel automatically in a single scan.

The system is easily configured for different variants of the ISO 15434 format. Any field in the ISO bar code can be mapped to any of the fields accepted by Reel aMounts.

It is also possible to set up the system to accept multiple ISO 15434 bar code structures where a plant has bar codes created by multiple suppliers, each with different internal formats.

Using Reel IDs for traceability

As part of the normal Reel aMounts working procedures, every new reel is given an initial Reel aMounts label before its first use. During that initial labelling, Reel aMounts generates a unique "Reel ID" for the reel.

This ID is unique on a world-wide basis. Reel aMounts Reel IDs generated in one corporation are guaranteed not to be duplicated elsewhere. This means there are no issues in transferring material between locations, whether in the same corporation or not. Each corporation using Reel aMounts is assigned a range of 2 billion IDs, so no two reels in the corporation need ever have the same ID.

Reel aMounts includes the Reel ID in the 2D composite bar code that it prints on every reel label it produces. When Reel aMounts processes any reel, whether it has been used in production or is part of a physical inventory or cycle count, the operator always scans this bar code. Therefore, Reel aMounts always knows the unique Reel ID of the reel being handled.

The Reel ID is automatically included in the generated count record added to the Reel aMounts database each time a reel is processed. Reel aMounts Data Export also includes the Reel ID in the information that can be passed automatically to other IT systems (for example an ERP or warehouse management system) each time a reel is processed.

Reel aMounts Reporting Centre then provides reel traceability, including showing every build where a particular reel was used, to any number of PCs, tablets or smartphones.

Extending this to User Reel IDs or serial numbers

Once a User Reel ID or serial number has been entered, for example from an ISO 15434 bar code, it is "locked" to the Reel aMounts Reel ID for the reel. That means that, every time Reel aMounts processes the reel, both Reel IDs are included in the count record added to the Reel aMounts database.

Reel aMounts Reporting Centre can therefore provide reel traceability based on either or both of the User Reel ID and the Reel aMounts Reel ID. Reel aMounts Data Export includes both the User Reel ID and the Reel aMounts Reel ID in the information that can be passed automatically to other IT systems.

Supporting mixed makes of placement equipment

Patented Reel Magic technology in Reel aMounts automatically makes adjustments for empty leader and trailer tape on reels. The length of cut leader tape on reels returned from production depends on the type of placement equipment used.

Where a plant operates more than one type of equipment, a Reel aMounts operator who is counting material from a production line can simply scan a bar code to identify the line concerned and optimise the Reel Magic calculations for maximum accuracy.

Optimising Reel Magic for different placement equipment
Additional support for less common keyboard layouts

Changes to Reel aMounts help ensure that input from bar code scanners is properly aligned with typed input from some less common keyboard layouts.

To learn more about Reel aMounts – click on the link below.

Introducing Reel aMounts

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