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March 2012 - Reel aMounts Version 7.0 Released

Count reels in feeders, reels sharing twin–track feeders, even reels still in the pick and place machine.

Count reels in twin track feeders
Unprecedented flexibility

Reel aMounts Version 7 is a major new release of Seratel's component counting and labelling system, providing unprecedented flexibility in reel counting.

The Reel aMounts system already allowed users to count component reels, including reels that are loaded in feeders, in just seconds. Now Version 7 of the system expands that capability. Reels that are loaded in twin-track feeders (where one feeder services two reels) can now been counted with the same ease.

Not only that, but for many makes of placement equipment, it is possible to count reels loaded in feeders, while the feeders are still mounted in the pick and place machine.

If you are a high volume producer, or simply keep reels in feeders for greater efficiency

Seratel's Michael Bloor says, "There was a clear demand from customers for this capability. High volume producers in particular need to be able to count components without stripping down production lines. We are pleased to be able to offer a solution that combines ease of use, high speed and high accuracy. Counting reels that are still loaded in the machine also removes the step of re-registering feeders, which may be necessary otherwise."

Patented technology

The new version of Reel aMounts adds a patented combination of hardware and software to achieve this.

Seratel have built on the existing Reel Magic technology, which provides accurate weigh counting of component reels, making adjustments automatically for the empty leader and trailer tape on reels. This is essential for the task, as conventional algorithms without this technology can give errors of up to 150 components on reels of 0201 or 0402 parts.

Extensions to Reel Magic support counting reels of any size, while still in a feeder, sharing a twin–track feeder, or even still in the pick and place machine for many types of equipment.

To learn more about Reel aMounts – click on the link below.

Introducing Reel aMounts

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