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May 2011 - Reel aMounts Version 6.3 Released

Part two of the wish list (part one is here).
More little things you asked for.

The latest update to Reel aMounts is a further response to user requests for features that would make the system more valuable to you.

Can Reel aMounts keep a log of when each operator logs in and out ?

It can now. You can view the log in the Reporting Centre

Can Reel aMounts log the operator out automatically if there is no activity for a preset time  ?

It can now.

Can Reel aMounts close down automatically if there is no activity for a preset time ?

It can now.

Can I scan a bar code label to confirm that the correct supplier/original quantity variation for a part code is already shown ?

You can now.

To learn more about Reel aMounts – click on the link below.

Introducing Reel aMounts

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