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December 2007 - Reel aMounts Version 6.0 Released

Enhanced benefits, speed and control.

Much faster set up

Labelling existing partial reels for use with Reel aMounts is now much faster – up to 240 reels per hour, compared with 30 previously.

This means that you get the full benefits of using Reel aMounts sooner, and hence a faster ROI.

Even faster operation

It did not seem possible that a system that can count and label 240 reel per hour could get much faster.

Now operators can issue common commands by scanning special bar codes. Not having to switch between scanner, mouse and keyboard improves efficiency and saves time.

User login sets operator permissions

All operators must now log in to Reel aMounts with a user ID and password.

This user ID can be printed on reel labels and is included in the records of every operation the operator performs

Extra control for moisture sensitive material

Reel aMounts now imports, from your ERP system, a list of moisture sensitive material. It will identify moisture sensitive devices returned from production and warn that they must be stored in bags.

This eliminates production delays while incorrectly stored parts are baked.

Additional traceability

Every reel processed by Reel aMounts is now automatically given a unique ID. That ID is included in the Reel aMounts bar code on the reel label.

Reel aMounts Reporting Centre then allows you to track the usage of individual reels. You can also see the proportion of time that reels are in use and how quickly you move material.

For the fullest traceability of reel usage – see our Reel Trakker product.

Greater labelling flexibility

A plant can now have multiple label formats. Individual workstations can be using different formats.

For example: this will help those plants that need to add ownership information at receiving, but do not want that information after the first use of a reel.

Automatic backups

Reel aMounts now automatically creates backups of its database.

Three generations of backup are kept. Multiple backups to different locations can be made at the same time.

Enhanced integration with Reel Trakker

Reel aMounts can now label reels for use by Reel Trakker, as well as the other way round

To learn more about Reel aMounts – click on the link below.

Introducing Reel aMounts

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