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August 2007 - This month's Reel aMounts Reporting Centre Updates

9 additional reports added and custom reporting demonstrated

Another in a series of regular updates

9 additional reports have been added to Reel aMounts Reporting Centre for August.

Reel aMounts users with Reporting Centre automatically receive all the new reports as part of their support cover.

Custom reporting

Eight of this month's new reports are spread across the "Base data", "Statistics and analysis" and "Exceptions" sections.

There is also an example of a "Custom report". In this case it identifies reels with below 5% of the original material left on them (and could optionally look for material below a certain value). A site may choose to scrap such reels where their value is low and there is plenty of the same material in stock on other reels.

If a site needs any such data that Reel aMounts could provide, but does not do so at the moment, then a custom report can be created to provide the data.

As with all other Reporting Centre reports, the output can be saved as an Excel spreadsheet for processing by other systems.

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