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Early 2000 to March 2006 - Reel aMounts Support for RoHS

Using Reel aMounts to track and differentiate lead-free and non-compliant material.

July 1 is fast approaching. You have done a lot, but perhaps we can help you do more.

Reel aMounts can help you track and differentiate lead-free and non-compliant material.

Since early 2000, Seratel have been promoting labelling to track and differentiate lead-free and non-compliant material. Suddenly, everyone is interested.

For a long time, it has been possible to use Reel aMounts to –

  • Label material to show whether it is RoHS compliant or not, either with Reel aMounts or Reel aMounts for Receiving.
  • Include the RoHS status of material in a bar code on the material.

Version 4.3 of Reel aMounts will go further and let you –

  • Include logos (to JEDEC standard JESD97) on labels to allow easy identification of compliant and non-compliant material.
  • Document material used in a build, to show compliance.
  • Manage material to avoid write-offs after the deadline.
  • Where the manufacturer uses the same part code for both compliant and non-compliant material, allow you to continue working with that part code, while still tracking the status of material used for each build.
  • Know what non-compliant material you are holding for repairs of older production.

The upgrade to the new version is free of charge to customers with current support cover.

Reel aMounts Reporting Centre will also be able to present the compliance data collected.

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