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January 2006 - Seratel Announces Reel aMounts Awards for 2005

Recognising Companies Making Exceptional Use of Reel aMounts

Best Operational Practices Award

Following an extensive evaluation of the system, a top-tier CEM introduced Reel aMounts component counting and labelling systems to the receiving and count-back areas in their Livingston, Scotland plant. One system is portable, to allow capacity to be transferred from receiving to count-back when required.

As well as assessing the accuracy of the system, the evaluation was used to develop best practice working methods and identify any material that might require special processing.

Process flows were developed and are presented to the operators in flow chart form. This was especially helpful during the introductory period when some of the component reels being counted would already have been processed by Reel aMounts and others would be unknown to the system.

Care was taken in building the database to follow best practices, and to obtain full and empty reel weights for a component from the same reels. Reel aMounts parameters were tuned to allow the system to compensate for the variation in weight of incoming reels, but still identify where there is a change in the material supplied.

Working with Seratel, the company identified a few unusual components, where the Reel Magic technology in Reel aMounts did not yet have a perfect profile for the components, and so was not achieving the best accuracy possible. In each case new profiles were created to suit the material.

All incoming material is labelled at receipt for best use with Reel aMounts and all material is re-labelled each time it is counted. The information on the label includes all the data required to train another Reel aMounts system if the material is transferred to another plant in the corporation.

Other awards presented were ...
     Investment in Training Award
     Best Ramp-Up Award
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