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Reel aMounts Version 3 - Released October 2003

Maintaining accuracy in all conditions

Reel MagicTM

The new Reel Magic technology in Reel aMounts allows it automatically to make more accurate adjustments for empty leader and trailer tape on reels.

Using proprietary, patented technology, Reel Magic matches the parameters of the reel against an inbuilt database of reel and component types, derived from our measurements of thousands of SMT components. This allows it to make the best possible adjustment for empty tape in calculating the number of components on the reel.

With Reel Magic a site can even customise the calculation to suit the placement equipment in use.

Reel Magic is automatically switched off for loose parts, where it is not required. It can also be switched on and off by the user for any part / supplier / quantity combination.

Extra labels

Reel aMounts now counts the number of extra labels on a reel, and automatically compensates for the weight added.

For reels that have had extra labels added before being used with Reel aMounts, the user can specify a starting quantity.

Variation In Full Reel Weights

Reel aMounts now allows a user to place a full reel of components on the scales and will automatically compensate for any difference between the weight of that individual reel and the weight of a standard full reel of the same part.

The compensation is automatically used each time the reel is counted in the future.

Splitting Reels

Reel aMounts now allows components from split reels to be placed on any empty reel.

It will automatically print a new label for the empty reel used – ensuring that the correct part number is transferred.

It will also automatically compensate for any difference in weight between the reel used and the standard empty reel for the component.

Extra Control Of How The System Is Used

Clear On Print

Reel aMounts can be set to clear all part and feeder details from the screen after a label is printed.

Clear On Count

Reel aMounts can be set to clear all part and feeder details from the screen after the quantity on a reel is stored using the Count button.

Clear On Time Out

Reel aMounts can be set to clear all part and feeder details from the screen after the system has been idle for a preset time.

Tare Scales Warning

Reel aMounts will warn the user if the scales are not returning to zero after use.

More Options For Labels

User Information

Reel aMounts can ask for information each time the Print button is clicked.

This means that unique information can be added to each label as it is printed.

More Fields

Extra fields have been added to the list that can be printed.

Smaller labels

Composite bar codes on labels are now more compact.

And More Including ...

User Interface

The Reel aMounts screen is now divided into functional areas, but the simple-to-use format has not been lost.

Bar Codes

Faster bar code input.

Checks for embedded blanks in supplier bar codes.

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